Tuesday 25 July 2023

Sepia Saturday 683 : Saturday 29th July 2023


It's the last of our old car themes this week. You can follow the monthly old car theme, try and pick up an aspect of the theme from our weekly prompt image, or go down a different road altogether - with or without a car. Just share an image on or around Saturday 29th July 2023 and add a link to the list below.

Our monthly theme for August is "School Days"

Here are the weekly theme images:-

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Sepia Saturday 682 : 22 July 2023


It's July and we are still in our old car with this, the first of our monthly themes. Feel free to find something in this week's theme image, or find something to match the general theme, or drive on your own road with any old photograph you would like to share. Just post your posts on or around Saturday 22 July 2023 and add a link to the list below. And start thinking about our upcoming themes now. 

Our final Old Car Theme:

Our August Themes will be on:-

And in September:-

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Sepia Saturday 681 : 15 July 2023


July is Old Car Month here on Sepia Saturday and as always the choice is entirely yours. You can (1) Follow the general theme of old cars; (2) Identify an element in this week's theme image to follow; or (3) Completely ignore all these silly themes and just share an old photograph of your choice. Whatever you do, do it on or around Saturday 15th July 2023 and add a link to the list below. Here are the next two July theme images - the August general theme will be revealed soon.

Here is a look-ahead at our general themes for August and September

Thursday 6 July 2023

Sepia Saturday 680 : 8 July 2023


I'm getting to the stage where I am beginning to run out of weekly themes, so I have decided to make a small change to how we do Sepia Saturday. In future there will be a monthly general theme - the one for July is "Old Cars" - but there will continue to be weekly calls published, each with their own unique image which will be in keeping with the overall theme. As always, you will have the choice of either following the theme or going off in whatever direction you choose. The only essential is that, somewhere along the line, you are sharing an old photograph. For Sepia Saturday 680, post your post on or around Saturday 8th July 2023 and add a link to the list below. Over the next day or so I will add the rest of the July call images and let you know what the general theme for the next few months will be, which should help with planning. Here is next week's call image.