Monday 26 September 2016

Sepia Saturday 344 : October 2016 - From Here To There

Our Sepia Saturday theme for October is "From Here To There" and as the title suggests it is all about movement. Whatever the era, whatever the technology: so much of our lives is taken up with getting from here to there - whether it be the daily commute to work or uprooting ourselves and our families and moving half way around the world. And we go from here to there by foot, by car, by railway engine, by aeroplane and - like the ladies in our theme image - by bicycle. The theme opens up an Aladdin's cave of photographic subjects: there can be few of us who doesn't have a car or ferry, train or bike or a set of walking feet somewhere in their collection.

So look out those old photographs and post them throughout October in this Sepia Saturday travel and transport month. Add a link to your various contributions to the list below. Keep your feedback coming - we need to make a decision about the longer term future of Sepia Saturday soon, so your ideas and views are important.  I will give you advanced notice of the November call in a week or so. In the meantime, I need to go from here (Yorkshire) to there (Sunny Spain). See you all soon.

And as Alan goes, I return, for a short while at least, then I’ll be going again. I’m very excited because, all being well, I’ll be meeting up with fellow blogger Brett Payne, known to you all as Photo Sleuth. Brett will once more be walking the Camino; this time Camino Norte, and we’ll be going over to do some joint sightseeing with him in Bilbao. A few weeks after that we’ll be meeting Alan and his Good Lady Wife when they make a brief stopover on our island. Isn’t Sepia Saturday wonderful? Three people who I never would have met without this meme, but who I now count as my good friends. I hope to be joining in a bit more this month and meeting more of my Sepian friends on here. Meanwhile, there is always the Facebook group - ask to join, if you are a blogger who contributes to this meme. The more the merrier.

I am making a brief return to give you advance warning of the November theme. Here it is - 

That's all for now - cases to unpack .... and then pack again. See you soon, Alan