Wednesday 27 July 2016

Sepia Saturday 341 : 30 July 2016

We are down in the gloomy deeps this week on Sepia Saturday. Cold water is dripping from above and it is dark and cold. Yes, its the British summer in Blackpool! No, stop being silly, it's not Blackpool, it is the Speedwell Caverns in Castleton, Derbyshire and there is a fragile looking boat full of happy holiday makers in the cave. There are all sorts of places you can go with this prompt - caves, boats, parties, dark, damp - you can even go to Speedwell Caverns in Castleton if you want. Wherever you go, go there on or around Saturday 30th July 2016 and once you've posted your post, add a link to the list below.

Marilyn and I have been having a chat and we thought we might try an experiment for August. Things are getting a little quiet in Sepia land and - for us in the north - it is the middle of summer, so we thought we might try a single prompt covering ALL of August. This doesn't mean that you can only post one sepia contribution during the month - the themes will be wide enough for you to post as many as you want over the four week period. 

I will tell you more about it when I post the call early next week, but here is a preview of the August Sepia Saturday call.

Such exciting developments are for the future. For the moment, get back there in your dark dripping rowing boat and give us your contributions for Sepia Saturday 341.

Tuesday 19 July 2016

PLEASE IGNORE : This is A Test : Call For Sepia Saturday 340 Is Below

Sepia Saturday 340 : 23 July 2016

I don't know about you but I am feeling tired. It's time to take to my bed. Time to soak up that 1930s style. Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week is an old picture postcard. The description on the Sepia Saturday Flickr Group page reads as follows:

"A picture postcard dating probably from the 1930s of a bedroom at the Hotel Imperial in Ostend, Belgium. Perhaps the date can be pinned down by an example of the then rates: "Pension a parter de fr 110". The decor does seem to be the kind of style popular in the 1930s. The flowered wallpaper is particularly notable".

Just decide which theme you want to follow - or follow none at all - and post your posts on or around Saturday 23 July 2016. Here is a reminder of the next couple of theme images:

You may have noticed that the number of participants in Sepia Saturday has fallen recently. Marilyn and I will put our heads together and post something on the blog in terms of the future. If you have any ideas or suggestions, let us know.

Wednesday 13 July 2016

Sepia Saturday 339 ; 16th July 2016

Pictures, palaces, and bingo numbers are amongst your possible themes this week for Sepia Saturday 339 (post your posts on or around Saturday 16th July 2016). The theme photograph, I must confess, is one of my own (how sad to be old enough to have taken a Sepia Saturday theme image!). The description on the Sepia Saturday Flickr Group page is as follows:

The Picture Palace was a small local cinema situated in Dudley Hill - between Bradford and Leeds. It was built by Walter Goodall - who already owned cinemas in nearby Cleckheaton and Heckmondwyke - in 1912. Even though it was a local cinema rather than a town centre establishment, it still had seating for up to 600 people. The first film to be shown at the cinema was an American silent film called "How's Your Father". It continued to operate as a cinema until 1967 when it eventually closed down - the last film to be shown was "Thunderbirds Are Go". Later it became a bingo hall - when my photograph was taken - and later still a carpet and furniture showroom (which it remains to this day).

Before you decide what to go with, take a look at what awaits you in the weeks ahead.

All that remains is for me to wish you the best of luck with your Sepia Saturday submissions. May all your pictures be fit to hang in a Sepia Palace.

Wednesday 6 July 2016

Sepia Saturday 338 : 9th July 2016

Our theme image this week features a picture of a walking man which is taken from the collection of the Sepia Saturday Flickr Group. The description is as follows:

"A man walks down a street in Dunfermline, Scotland. We know from the written notation of the reverse of the photograph that the date was the 3rd May 1949. This is not a typical "walking snap" - walking snap photographers plied their trade in seaside resorts and concentrated on happy holidaymakers. The slightly skewed angle of the print suggests that this is an amateur photograph".

As usual, you can go anywhere you want to with the prompt - flat caps, crooked photos, walking men .... whatever. Just post your post on or around Saturday 9th July and link it to the list below. (And take note Alan Burnett, don't forget to link your post this week!). And whilst we are at it, let us take a look ahead and see what is around the Sepia corner.

Looking back at our theme image, there is a certain look of determination in the eyes of the man in the theme photograph. Let us have the same sense of determination in our sepia efforts this week, let us stride forward into a new sepia world, let us throw our flat caps into the sepia air ......