Thursday 30 September 2021

Sepia Saturday 590 : 2 October 2021


This week I am featuring a photograph of a couple sat on the running board of a car. They smile and look happy: maybe they are on their holidays or going for a day out at the seaside. I have no idea who they are, but that doesn't matter; they are universal tokens of the very essence of family photographs - happy memories that will last forever. The cars may change, as do the fashions, but that desire to capture a moment of happiness was there eighty years ago when this photograph was taken, and it is still there today on countless smartphone selfies. Sepia Saturday provides an opportunity for us to share such family memories, and you are invited to share yours by adding a link to the list below, on or around Saturday 2 October 2021.

Friday 24 September 2021

Sepia Saturday 589 : 25 September 2021


Here we go - a new chapter for Sepia Saturday: not so much a theme image, more an invitation to take part. Share your old photographs with other enthusiasts by featuring them in a post and linking the post to the list below, on or around Saturday 25th September 2021.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Sepia Saturday 588 : 18 September 2021


So, here we are, at the end of the alphabet: we are in a covered bridge going to who knows where. Behind us is the past, in front of us is the future. Most philosophers and newspaper agony aunts would tell us, in no uncertain words, that we must look to the future: forget the past, tomorrow is a new day. But here, on Sepia Saturday, we do exactly the opposite: for a brief moment let us forget the future and all that it has in store for us, and turn to the past. Here on Sepia Saturday we have been turning to the past for over a decade and we will continue to do so. So, for the final theme in our archive alphabet series, all you need to do is to turn to the past with your choice of old photograph, post it in a post on or around Saturday 18th September, and add a link to the list below.

Here on Sepia Saturday we have, at times, had themes; and at other times just invited people to share their favourite old photographs. For the next month or so, we are going to do the latter and have what we used to call "open themes". I will still feature an image on the weekly call post, so if you really do want themes, you can always try and match that. Let's see how it goes. Here's a preview of next week's call image:-

Friday 10 September 2021

Sepia Saturday 587 : 11 September 2021


Who would have ever thought it when we started this alphabetical tour of old photograph archives that we would get around to the letter W and have XYZ waiting around the corner? But there again, who would have thought twelve years ago that Sepia Saturday would reach Week 587 and still be going? Granted, the numbers have fallen off - back in those early days we were getting 30+ contributors every week - but it has never been about numbers. I have a feeling that Sepia Saturday will keep strolling along - never in a hurry, never taking itself too seriously - until my blogging days are over, when hopefully someone else might take the role on. Do we need a revamp? Probably. Do we need to connect more enthusiastically to social media in all its' manifestations? More than likely. Will we manage it in the future? Probably not! That's the nature of the Sepia Saturday beast, and that is how it will keep moving along - at a slow but steady pace with plenty of stops to small the sepia roses. Sepia Saturday 587 has a picture of someone playing patience: individualistic, contemplative, satisfying .... all the things Sepia Saturday tries to be. If you want to join in, join in with an old photograph and a few words on or around Saturday 11 September 2021, and add a link to the list below.

Here is the last of the alphabetical themes - what follows that? Stick around and find out!

Friday 3 September 2021

Sepia Saturday 586 : 4 September 2021


For Sepia Saturday 586, our theme image comes from the Library of Virginia and features a page from an old photograph album. For those wanting to follow a theme, here is your chance to turn the spotlight on the pages for a change, instead of the individual photographs. It might be the layout, it might be the captions, it might be the selection of photographs .... or it might be something else entirely. It might be V for vintage or vegetables or very special photographs. Whatever it is, share your old photo on or around Saturday 4th September 2021 and add a link to the list below. And here are a reminder of the final two stops on our alphabet tour of the archives.