Tuesday 25 August 2015

Sepia Saturday 294 : 29 August 2015

Over the last few weeks I have been on planes, boats, trains and buses, but this weekend - for a change - I should be at home. And that means I will be able to take part in this week's Sepia Saturday challenge which features an old photograph of "Walsh's Royal Mail And Day Car" from the National Library Of Ireland archives. If you are joining in you can feature old photographs which - in some way or another - connect to any theme you choose to identify from this photograph. It might be travel, it might be overcrowding, it might be blankets - or it might be something else you have found in the theme image. All you need to do is to post your post on or around Saturday 29th August 2015 and then add a link to the list below. And whilst you are waiting for the trip to start, have a look at what is further along the way.

So here we go. Hold tight. Off we go to Sepia Saturday 294.

Monday 17 August 2015

Sepia Saturday 293 : 22 August 2015

Whilst you think about your submission for Sepia Saturday 293 (post your post on or around Saturday 22 August 2015) I will be sat in some cafe in the old town of Prague, drinking the finest Czech Pilsner beer whilst the Good Lady Wife has gone off shopping. Whilst you look ahead at what is to come in the next week or two, I will be looking ahead to an evening trip down the Vltava River. Ah, such is life. Good luck to you all.

Wednesday 12 August 2015

Sepia Saturday 292 : 15 August 2015

"The best things in life are free / But you can keep them for the birds and bees / Now give me money / That's what I want"

What more can I say? For Sepia Saturday 293 give me money (that's what I want): or there again you can give me banking or guards or notes or anything else you can find in our theme picture. All you have to do is to post your post on or around Saturday 15th August 2015 and then add a link to the list below. But before you get out your wallet and start sending me £10 notes, or $20 notes or €20 notes (that's what I want) you might want to have a look at what is around sepia corner.

All you need to do now is to get Day Tripper and Bridge Over Troubled Water out of your mind and submit your entry to Sepia Saturday 292.

Tuesday 4 August 2015

Sepia Saturday 291 : 8 August 2015

You might think that I am sat at home with my feet up in front of the telly: but I'm not. When you read this I will have gone away for a few days to North Wales (think of it as Wales watching) and this call for contributions will have appeared from afar (think of it as remote control). No doubt our few days away will involve shopping (there is a very nice second hand bookshop where we are going) and all television viewing will have to wait until we get back (the Tivo box has a very large hard drive). Whilst I am away you might want to turn your minds to television, shops and furniture - or indeed anything else you can find in our weekly theme image. Just post your post on or around the 8th August 2015 and add a link to the list below.

Changing channels for a moment, let us see what is ahead in the coming week or two.

Now that you have seen the future programme you can settle down to concentrate on Sepia Saturday 291. Enjoy.