Saturday 17 June 2023

Sepia Saturday 679 : Saturday 1st July 2023


I'm about to jump in the car and go away on holiday (well, I'm about to jump on a plane and go on holiday but why let reality get in the way of a good link). That means that the Sepia Saturday calls are falling thick and fast and you might need to navigate your way through them to find the correct one to post your link to. Think of it as driving a car and navigating through precarious traffic. Which is a bit of a coincidence because this week (and this week is the 1st July, keep up) features a car parked outside a house. This might take you back to the days when getting a car was such a big event in life that you would instantly drop your kids, your pet dog and your Great Aunt Sophie and rush outside with your camera and take a picture of the car. Whatever you want to park next to this theme image, park it on or around Saturday 1st July 2023 and add a link to the list below.

Sepia Saturday 678 : Saturday 24th June 2023


I'm trying to get ahead of myself as I am about to depart on holiday, so you will have to excuse me if these calls seem to be coming thick and fast on top of each other. Hopefully you will be able to sort out which call is for which week, but if not, don't worry - it all adds to the fun of Sepia Saturday. And if they do fall thick and fast on top of each other we can always call upon this nurse to help us out and bandage us up. If you have any old medicine or nursing photographs then share them on Sepia Saturday on or around Saturday 24th June 2023, by posting a post and adding a link to the list below.

Friday 16 June 2023

Sepia Saturday 677 : 17 June 2023


When looking at old photographs, clothes are always important. It's not that they make the wearer look good, or are made well, or are of high quality: its the fact that they can provide vital dating evidence.All lovers of old photographs become experts on style, because it is the style of the dress, the cut of the suit jacket, the precise width of the brim of the hat that gives us a clue as to which decade the photograph might have been taken in. So this week on Sepia Saturday we are celebrating clothes and you are invited to share photographs that, in one way or another, fits in with the theme. Just post your post on or around Saturday 17 June 2023 and add a link to the list below.

Friday 9 June 2023

Sepia Saturday 676 : Saturday 10th June 2023


Some of the best old photographs are the ones where there is no obvious subject and no obvious story being told; photographs that capture nothing and everything at the same time - photographs of life. This week's theme image is a good example: a woman about to get on a motor scooter, people walking in the background, life being led by one and all. Such photos have advantages and disadvantages when used as theme images: on the one hand they lack a clear theme or subject, whilst on the other hand there is plenty of scope for interpretations. You can interpret this week's theme image any way you like, on or around Saturday 10th June 2023. After you have done it, scoot off and leave a link to your post on the list below. And while you are waiting for your engine to turn over, take a look at what is to come:-

Friday 2 June 2023

Sepia Saturday 675 : Saturday 3 June 2023


As I type this post on my computer keyboard and watch the words appear on the screen in front of me, I have difficulty remembering that written communication wasn't always this easy. I was brought up in the typewriter era, and for much of my life I have banged away on typewriter kets and manually returned the carriage to start a new line of type following the ringing of a bell. Our Sepia Saturday theme image this week features a typewriter and it may inspire you to find some match - either obvious or wonderfully obscure - from your own collection of old photographs. If it does all you need to do is to feature those images in a post on or around Saturday 3 June 2023, and add a link to the post to the list below.

Before you load a new sheet of paper to the typewriter, why not take a look at what is around the Sepia Saturday corner.