Wednesday 27 October 2010

Sepia Saturday Week 47

This sepia photograph comes from a Victorian Cabinet Card and is of an unknown group. It comes from the studio of William Salmon in London Street, Reading and I guess dates from the last decade of the nineteenth century. It announces Sepia Saturday 47 which will take place on or around Saturday 30th October 2010. Whether you picture is of a group or an individual, in sepia or in full colour, of an unknown or of a favourite aunt - just post it, link it and let other Sepia Saturday enthusiasts from around the world enjoy it.

Wednesday 20 October 2010

Sepia Saturday Week 46

This week's photograph is a Cabinet Card from the studio of W M Phillips of Oxford Street, Southampton. I have no information on the subject of the portrait, but the studio neatly fits in with my travels. By the time Sepia Saturday 46 comes around (Saturday 23 October) I will have already passed through Southampton on my way to join the ship that will take me across the Atlantic. Whichever side of the Atlantic you come from you are invited to join in with Sepia Saturday 46. Just post a post, link a link and enjoy.

Thursday 14 October 2010

Sepia Saturday Week 45

15th October : This post should have automatically gone up yesterday! It seems that I still need to improve my skills with the scheduled posting option!!! I will schedule the next three calls to go up earlier in the week. If all else fails people will just have to improvise.

We are having a short break from the normal style of Sepia Saturday announcements to accommodate my forthcoming holiday. If all goes according to plan this should be published on Thursday 14th October. I don't leave to go on holiday until the following week so it gives me a chance to fine-tune the system if these pre-prepared posts don't appear as they should. We don't actually leave until the following week (the 21st) so I will still be around in order to post my own Sepia Saturday offerings and comments on others until then. 

If Blogger is behaving itself, this is a call for participants to take part in Sepia Saturday 45 on or around Saturday 16th October. The rules - or rather the lack of rules - are the same as ever : use an old image (it doesn't have to be in sepia) to tell us something about yourself, your family or anything else that will interest or entertain us. Add a link to your post to the Linky List and then try and visit as many of the other participants as possible. Fingers crossed, let's hope it all works.

Thursday 7 October 2010

Sepia Saturday 44

Another Room by Martin Hodges

Far off, in another room,
Faceless portraits draw the eye.
Coated in the dust of spent words,
Objects brave the chill of killed time.
This is the past. The impatient prisoner.

Far off, in another room,
Restless motifs shape the day.
In half remembered, stuttered chorus,
Crackled songs are cast adrift.
This is history, daring to escape.

When I read that poem by my good friend Martin Hodges, I immediately thought of Sepia Saturday and asked for his permission to use it on one of these weekly calls to participants. Martin, who has been a supporter of Sepia Saturday ever since it was first launched, agreed and I thought it would fit perfectly in this first of my "Holiday Calls".  Although I am not away on holiday yet, I thought it would be best to do a dry run with the pre-posted calls to make sure it is working (and, more importantly, to make sure I am pressing all the right buttons).  So this is the call for participants for Week 44 of Sepia Saturday which will take place on or around Saturday 9th October 2010.  You know the score by now, if you are taking part just leave a link on the Linky List at the end of this post. As Martin says in his poem, "this is history, daring to escape". Join us.