Saturday 30 July 2022

Sepia Saturday 632 : 30 July 2022


Sorry folks, it's been one of those weeks. Thanks to Mike for reminding me that I hadn't put the Sepia Saturday call up. I can't even claim I have been ill in bed - my only excuse is a very demanding granddaughter. Here is the Link List for your Sepia Saturday efforts this week. I will get next week's up on time - promise.

Thursday 21 July 2022

Sepia Saturday 631 : 23 July 2022


Our theme image for Sepia Saturday 631 comes from the East Riding of Yorkshire Photographic Archives and it is available to us all via the magnificent Flickr Commons initiative. It provides me with a useful opportunity to point lovers of old photographs not just towards Flickr Commons, but also to the establishment of the new Flickr Foundation which will help to move forward the vitally important work of preserving and sharing our collective photographic heritage in the decades to come. If you are not familiar with these recent developments I would urge you to take a few moments to look at the plans and proposals for this new non-profit making Foundation which can be found on their webpage. The Flickr Commons initiative was launched in 2008, just two years before our own Sepia Saturday challenge, and over the last twelve years we have frequently dipped into that wonderful photographic resource pool for inspiration. This week is no exception, and our prompt image features hats, ponies, traps, dogs and horses ... and all manner of other things. Use the image to inspire you and share your inspirations on or around Saturday 23 July 2022, and add a link to the list below. And whilst you are giving the ponies a little rest, take a look at what lies in the future here on Sepia Saturday.

Thursday 14 July 2022

Sepia Saturday 630 : Saturday 16 July 2022


Our theme for Sepia Saturday 630 is weight. Lots of weight or a little weight. A weight on your mind or a weight on your body. Machines that weigh or machines that are weighed. Big or small, fat or thin, all are welcome for Sepia Saturday 630. Just post your post on or around Saturday 16th July 2022 and add a link to the list below. And you can take a weight off your mind by planning your next couple of Sepia Saturday  submissions in advance - here are the themes...

Thursday 7 July 2022

Sepia Saturday 629 : 9 July 2022

There is the usual choice of potential themes for Sepia Saturday 629. You can be on top of the world, or on top of a mountain, you can have sticks and you can have stones; not to mention odd carvings, dates and names. Whatever you choose, you can climb to new heights with Sepia Saturday. Just post your posts on or around Saturday 9th July 2022 and add a link to the list below. And whilst you take a breather on the top of the mountain, take the time to look at what is coming up the Sepia Saturday pathway.