Monday 28 October 2013

Sepia Saturday 201 : 2 November 2013

Sepia Saturday 200 
First of all, a massive thank you for all your contributions to Sepia Saturday 200. We had a fabulous selection of entries and they really did represent "the very best of Sepia Saturday". During the coming week I will be putting the first draft of the commemorative book together and getting in touch with individual contributors if there is anything I need to check or revise. Hopefully by the weekend I will be able to update you on progress. If you didn't manage to get a contribution posted over the weekend but still want to have something in the book, get in touch with me as soon as possible.

Sepia Saturday 201

Houses are such an important part of all our lives, be they big or small, stone or wood, brick or turf. Along with babies, weddings and great auntie Edith, houses must be one of the top photographic subjects of all time. Our theme photograph this week features the rather splendid Robert Goelet House from Newport, Rhode Island which is featured in the Cornell University Library stream on Flickr Commons. So all you need to do is to hunt out your old photographs of houses - or anything else related to this weeks' theme image - and feature them in a post that you publish on or around Saturday 2nd November. Once published, add the link to the list below. Before you start laying the foundations for your post this week, take a look at what is to come over the next couple of weeks.

202 : Photographer, beach, camera, tripod, and even Corky The Cat - there is so much going on in Sepia Saturday 202 that it is a theme for all seasons.

203 : Have you ever noticed how many photographs are taken in doorways? For Sepia Saturday 203 we are asking you to frame yourself - well frame your great uncle Joe - open the door, and enter into the spirit of things.
But before you go off into the future, it is time to return home - return to the house of memories.

Monday 21 October 2013

Sepia Saturday 200 : 26 October 2013

Trumpet fanfares :  My Lords, Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to that celebration of old and curious photographs that is known throughout the world as Sepia Saturday. Indeed, welcome to a very special Sepia Saturday, because four years and 199 themes ago, Sepia Saturday was born. And we are celebrating this important anniversary by asking everybody who has ever joined in with Sepia Saturday to look back on their contributions and choose a favourite one. Simply republish that favourite Sepia post and we will gather together all the contributions and publish them in a little "The Best Of Sepia Saturday" book which will be available for anyone to buy on-line. As you would expect from Sepia Saturday, there are very few rules and regulations involved in this special Sepia Saturday post. It can be any of your Sepia Saturday posts, but unfortunately we will have to limit it to one per participant. If you would like to amend or update the post, that is fine so long as it remains recognisably related to the original post. I would also like to include a short paragraph about each of the contributors - something along the lines of the Blogger profiles that appear on most of our blogs. 

All I ask is that, if you are willing to participate in the "Best Of Sepia Saturday" book project you let me know in a comment to this call along with any short biography you want me to use. If you do say that you want to participate I will take this to mean that you are giving us permission to use any copyright material included in the specific post you are contributing. If, for any reason, you are not able to participate this weekend but would still like to take part in the project, let us know as soon as possible and we will try and work something out. If you don't want to participate in the book project, you are, of course, welcome to contribute any Sepia Saturday post you want to submit for this week's call. Whether they are for the book or not, the process remains the same : post your posts on or near Saturday 26th October 2013 and then link it to the list below. But this time, if you want to participate in the celebration book, don't forget to leave us a note via a comment below saying you want in and including a couple of sentences of biographical information. I am around all week so I will keep a close eye on the comments and on the Facebook Page and try to answer any questions as they arise.

Before you dash off and start searching through your archives of your archives, here is a quick preview of the next two Sepia Saturday calls:

201 : Houses are such an important part of all our lives, be they big or small, stone or wood, brick or turf. So this week we celebrate our ancestral homes in old photographs.

202 : Photographer, beach, camera, tripod, and even Corky The Cat - there is so much going on in Sepia Saturday 202 that it is a theme for all seasons.

Those two will see Sepia Saturday launched into its' fifth year. But before we move off into the future it is time to look back at the past : our sepia past here on Sepia Saturday. 

Monday 14 October 2013

Sepia Saturday 199 : 19 October 2013

Hey, let's put on a show! The desire to dress up, lark around in public, utter words that you would not normally recognise, is as old as the hills - or at least as old as a string of Judy Garland films. Sepia Saturday 199 celebrates the theatre, be it professional or amateur, serious or comic, situated below a proscenium arch or behind a kitchen table. Dressing up, dressing down, acting daft or acting dreadfully - they all form part of the script for Sepia Saturday 199 (post your posts on or around Saturday 19th October 2013 and add a link to the linky list below). Our archive theme image was taken in 1914 in Waterford in Ireland and it has been suggested that it might be the cast of an amateur performance of the Pirates of Penzance.

Before the curtain comes up on Sepia Saturday 199, let me add a few words about our very special Sepia Saturday 200. As I mentioned last week, our prompt for Sepia Saturday 200 looks back on some of the 199 Sepia Saturdays that have gone before. And to make it a special occasion we are inviting you to pick your favourite Sepia Saturday contribution - that is one of your posts and not one of someone else - and repost it for Sepia Saturday 200. And what I would like to do is to collect together all those contributions and publish them in a small "Best of Sepia Saturday" book which will then be available for any Sepians to buy on a non-profit basis. We could do this on one of the "publish on demand" operations that are widely available now, preferably one such as Lulu which has availability throughout the world. I would like to know what you think of the idea and any suggestions you might have. Obviously I would only include the posts of those who choose to participate in the book and I would require you to give me your permission to republish the text and images of the particular post you are contributing. If you like the idea, we will finish up with a nice little keepsake of our Sepia Saturday activities and even a little book that we can give to our friends and families for Christmas. Let me know what you think in either comments to this post or on the Sepia Saturday Facebook Group.

And the world doesn't end with Sepia Saturday 200 : here is a preview of Sepia Saturday 201.

201 : Houses are such an important part of all our lives, be they big or small, stone or wood, brick or turf. So this week we celebrate our ancestral homes in old photographs.

There is lots for you to think about there, but don't think for too long at the moment - the curtain is now going up on Sepia Saturday 199. "There's no business like sepia business ..."

Tuesday 8 October 2013

Sepia Saturday 198 : 12 October 2013

It is 100 years since HMS Queen Elizabeth was launched at Portsmouth. Whilst this is not the Queen Elizabeth, it matters not, because in Sepia Saturday 198 we celebrate the start of something new. It might be a life, it might be a love, it might be a a new chicken coop or it might be a mighty ocean liner. In the case of our current photograph it was HMAS Albatross the Royal Australian Navy's first seaplane carrier which was launched in February 1928 at Cockatoo Island Dockyard in Sydney. The photograph, which was taken by Sam Hood (1872-1953) and forms part of the Australian National Maritime Museum's stream on Flickr Commons. If you have a picture of a launch of a battleship in your collection, feel free to share it, but a photograph of anything new, anything beginning or anything that floats on water will do. Simply post your post on or around Saturday 12 October 2013 and add a link to the list below.

On a personal note, can I thank everyone for being so understanding during my low profile over recent weeks (and a special thank you to Marilyn for keeping things going so well). I have now had my hand operation and I am able to free myself of the annoying splint for longer periods of time. Hopefully I can join in fully with Sepia Saturday this week. And I can start planning for the big anniversary we have just around the corner. For those who also like to plan ahead, here is a preview of the next two Sepia Saturday calls.

199 : For Sepia Saturday 199 we celebrate acting and theatre. And dressing up, and silly hats, and daft trousers, and fire escapes, and - anything else you fancy.

200 : Here it is Sepia Saturday 200. Our prompt looks back at some of the Sepia prompts we have had in the previous 200 weeks. It provides you with an opportunity to revisit your favourite Sepia Saturday contribution.

Before you start thinking about future Sepia Saturday posts, make a start on your contribution for Sepia Saturday 198. Start at the beginning, launch your ideas and commence your post.