Wednesday 25 March 2020

Sepia Saturday 513 : 28 March 2020

There is something about the way early twentieth century picture postcards flatten scenes and play havoc with perspective.  Out theme image this week depicts a very structured and ordered boating lake at the seaside resort of Bridlington. I know the boating lake well - I sailed on it many times in my childhood - but it was never as clinically organised as this picture suggests. There were crowds, there were sounds, there were ice cream cornets and candyfloss all around. Neat cars didn't climb velveteen streets, nor did sedate couples practice social distancing seventy years ahead of time. So the theme this week is whatever you care to pick out from this cookie-jar of memories. Whatever you choose, post a post on or around Saturday 28th March 2020 and add a link to the list below.

Here are the next couple of theme images for you to be thinking about

Thursday 19 March 2020

Sepia Saturday 512 : Saturday 21 March 2020

Who would have thought it! When I was putting together the theme prompt images for March, a few weeks ago, the last thing I thought is that we would be looking at this week's theme image and thinking "those two on the right seem to be standing a little too close together!". Nevertheless, in these days of social isolation, what better way to occupy your time than to sort through those old photographs you have always been meaning to get around to.  So get on your virtual bike and see if you can come up with a submission for this week's Sepia Saturday (post your post on or around Saturday 21 March 2020 and add a link to the list below).

Here is a preview of next week's theme image - I am off now to put together theme images for the rest of the year - what else is there to do when you are under lockdown! Seriously, sepia friends throughout the world, stay safe and stay strong.

Thursday 12 March 2020

Sepia Saturday 511 : 14 March 2020

I have returned home after being away for the best part of three weeks, and I would like to say that our dog, Lucy, was pleased to see me. She had obviously spent most of her time in kennels watching daytime TV, however, and insisted that I kept at least three yards away from her and washed my hands! The dog in this week's Sepia Saturday theme image is from happier times, and it is a beauty between two beauties. As with all the March theme images - which are from my own collection - I have no idea who the subjects of the photograph are, nor where they were. This, however, gives you the freedom to interpret the theme image in any way you want. Simply post a post on or around Saturday 14th March 2020 and add a link to the list below.

For our remaining two March theme images we are taking to the road - with bicycles and cards (and even a boat on a boating lake) - so here is a sneak preview of what is around the next bend in the sepia road.

Monday 2 March 2020

Sepia Saturday 510 : 7 March 2020

Here we are, the middle of winter, and the old fool who picks the prompt images is still putting up pictures of jolly people sat on holiday beaches. What's it all about, you might rightly ask? Well the same old fool is still sat on a Caribbean beach, toying with some of the major problems facing humankind: do I look silly in this straw hat?; should I order another ice-cold beer?; who on earth is this lady leaning on my shoulder? The answers to all these problems may well become clear when he gets back to his miserable and cold homeland - whilst you are waiting for the said answers you might want to plan your Sepia Saturday post for this week. Post your post on or around Saturday 7th March 2020 and add a link to the list below. And don't forget to brush the sand from between your toes.

All the March theme images come from my own collection of weird and wonderful old photographs of unknown provenance. Here is a preview of the next two in the sequence:-