Thursday 24 November 2022

SEPIA SATURDAY 649 : Saturday 26th November 2022


Our theme image this week says a number of things to me - the first and most important being that the Sepia Controller should read through the graphics he creates to make sure there are no spelling mistakes in there! Or maybe, he is being rather clever and one of the possible themes for you this week is mistakes in old photographs. It also makes me wonder whether we need suggested themes - does anyone follow them anymore? And, furthermore, it forces me to ask the question I have posed several times before - has Sepia Saturday run its course? Let me know your thoughts. As I have said before, as long as there is a demand for it, I will keep on running the blog and producing the weekly calls, but if you think time should now be called, fair enough.

Let me have your thoughts along with this week's Sepia Saturday submissions by adding any comments below and, of course, adding a link to the list below on or around Saturday 26th November 2022. Here are the next two theme images, just in case anyone is still wanting themes, but to avoid any further spelling mistakes, I will leave you to provide your own interpretations of the images.

Thursday 17 November 2022

Sepia Saturday 648 : Saturday 19 November


Oh look at that happy smiling face, the look which says I have just been bought a new fridge for Christmas! Modern housewives would probably, quite rightly, consign the loving husband who came up with such a present to the chill cabinet for 48 hours. Attitudes change and photographs all too often tell the story of changing attitudes. For our Sepia Saturday challenge this week you can go with fridges, with housewives, with adverts or with changing attitudes. Go with what you will, and go with it on or around Saturday 19th November 2022, and then link your post to the list below. And whilst you are chilling out, take a look at what is next on Sepia Saturday.

Thursday 10 November 2022

Sepia Saturday 647 : 12 November 2022


I'm not sure what my father was up to when he took the photograph which is this week's Sepia Saturday theme image. Throughout his life he was fond of motorbikes, so perhaps he was anxious to get the full curve of the front mudguard in the photograph. It matters not that my poor mother - not to mention the mill chimney behind her - were tilted at an angle of about 15 degrees! You can interpret this theme image in any way you want to - whatever interpretation you give, give it on or around Saturday 12th November 2022 and link your post to the list below. And if you tilt your head downwards, you may well get an advanced look at the next two theme images.

Saturday 5 November 2022

Sepia Saturday 646 : 5 November 2022


I would love to say that this call for submissions is late appearing because I have just come back from a world tour, a trip to view a glacier, or even fish and chips and an ice cream on a day trip to Blackpool, but, alas, that is not the case. It is late appearing because, yet again, I forgot - the inevitable results of having a sepia curator who is nearly as old as many of the photographs he is curating. It's better late than never - and at least - even though it is well after midnight here in darkest Yorkshire - I have still made the pre-Saturday deadline in the Americas. You can interpret this weeks theme image in any way you want, all you have to do is give us an old picture and some new thoughts on or around Saturday 5th November 2022, and link your post to the list below. The next two theme images will appear here first thing tomorrow morning, as soon as I wake up. Promise.