Thursday 7 July 2022

Sepia Saturday 629 : 9 July 2022

There is the usual choice of potential themes for Sepia Saturday 629. You can be on top of the world, or on top of a mountain, you can have sticks and you can have stones; not to mention odd carvings, dates and names. Whatever you choose, you can climb to new heights with Sepia Saturday. Just post your posts on or around Saturday 9th July 2022 and add a link to the list below. And whilst you take a breather on the top of the mountain, take the time to look at what is coming up the Sepia Saturday pathway.


ScotSue said...

A journey into Rocky Memories- my theme for this week's prompt photograph.

Barbara Rogers said...

Another smorgasbord of photos all sepia, found on social media!

Mike Brubaker said...

For this theme I have a photo with sticks. Lots of sticks. And musical too.