Friday 31 December 2021

Sepia Saturday 602 : 1st January 2022

Our first Sepia Saturday call of 2022 features a picture postcard from the 1940s of Main Street in the town of Camden in, appropriately enough, Maine in the USA. The image - like all the call images for January 2022 - comes from the Flickr Commons collection of the Camden Public Library. Our thanks go to them for sharing their collection of old images with the world. If you would like to share an old image with the rest of the world, Sepia Saturday is the place to do it. Simply post the image and then add a link to the list below - on or around Saturday 1st January 2022.


Monica T. said...

Another WWI postcard from (my great-aunt) Gerda in Lyon, France, January 1915. War or Virus, the future still involves a lot of "maybe"s. Wishing everyone the best of luck for 2022!

Barbara Rogers said...

I found another street scene to consider!

Mike Brubaker said...

A day late but still the weekend. I believe I have a good match for this theme. Lots of cars and musical too.