Thursday 22 July 2021

Sepia Saturday 580 : Saturday 24 July 2021


Our Sepia Saturday images usually remind us of times gone by, times that have fallen out of fashion, times when values were different to those we have now. This week's Sepia Saturday theme image is no exception to this rule, but it is not the rather splendid picture of the actress Marlene Dietrich that is illustrative of a different age, but the fact that it appeared on a picture card to be found within a packet of cigarettes. I can remember collecting cigarette cards as a child, anxiously awaiting my father buying a new packet to see what delight I would find inside. I could even mimic the habits of adults by stopping at the seat shop on my way to school and buying a packet of sweet cigarettes, and such packets equally has picture cards inside.

Such picture cards today remind us that the "good old days" were sometimes the rather silly old days. Photographs are never silly, however, so we ask you to look out whatever old photograph comes to mind when you see this week's theme image. Include it in a post and post your post on or around Saturday 24th July 2021 and add a link to the list below. And here is a list of what is around the Sepia Saturday corner:-