Wednesday 3 October 2018

Sepia Saturday 439

You must excuse the lack of description or introduction, but my wifi is down and I am hopefully posting this using my mobile phone. If the wifi responds to bribery I will return and tidy this call up. In the meantime here is all you need to know

Sepia Saturday 439
Contributions on or around Saturday 6th October
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La Nightingail said...

Mothers and kids, mothers and kids - all down the line.

Barbara Rogers said...

Hew Alan, we've been hacked by the comment above. My entry this week is that I share some ancestors who may have had a photo taken of them before 1860. Is that even possible? Anyway, then my great grandmother may have been named after her Aunt Elizabeth.

Mike Brubaker said...

Ich habe keine Bitcoins und würde nicht wissen, was ich mit einem machen soll, wenn ich es täte.

However I do have a perfect photo to match this weekend's theme, and for a change it's non-musical.

Kristin said...

My baby Uncle Howard Graham's first photograph from a page in his baby book. And some then and now combo photos.