Friday 18 November 2016

Sepia Saturday : December 2016

We have listened to your views. We have thought long and hard. We have travelled halfway around the world to meet up and decide the future of Sepia Saturday: and we drank a few beers along the way. And these are our suggestions for the next phase of Sepia Saturday:

- From the beginning of December 2016, Sepia Saturday will return to a weekly theme image.
- Each week there will be an image - taken from the collection of old images on Flickr Commons - and it will be up to Sepians to interpret it in their own way. There will be no suggestions, no given subjects - you will be free to interpret the image in whatever way you want to.
- The first of the new calls will go up on Monday 28th November and, as usual, will be accompanied by a Linky List.
- Marilyn has chosen the images for the first four months. Here is a preview of the ones for December:

3 December 2016

 10 December 2016

 17 December 2016

Alan & Marilyn


Jofeath said...

Good decision, IMHO. Thanks Alan and Marilyn!

ScotSue said...

I enjoyed writing on the broad theme of the month. However there was no denying on the lack of interest from many Sepia Saturday bloggers, and the effect on my page views and especially comments was obvious. So I can appreciate why the mew change. I look forward to reading many interesting posts from a revitalized Sepia Saturday community.

La Nightingail said...

I have enjoyed the monthly segmented posts, but I'm glad to see we're headed back to weekly prompts - I think they're maybe just a bit more encouraging. Would sure like to see participation step up again, though!