Thursday, 24 March 2022

Sepia Saturday 614 : 26 March 2022


Bicycle, bicycle; I want to ride my bicycle, I want to ride my bike.

Wherever you want to ride your bicycle, make sure you take your camera along and capture the wonderful scenery, just like previous generations did. Or you can capture your fellow cyclists, or the cows in the field, or the bridge over the river - or whatever you want. Just like on Sepia Saturday you can share any old photograph you like. All you have to do is to peddle on over to the Sepia Saturday Blog and add a link to the list you will find there. Do it on or around Saturday 26th March 2022. Whilst you are taking a well-earned rest, why not take a look at what is around the next bend in the sepia road.


ScotSue said...

I wrote to the prompt photograph only in January this year, so this time, I moved from the new phenomenon of Wheel Women cyclists to a gallery of motor bikers - with women the fore again.

smkelly8 said...

ScotSue, you're early. I'm just back to look at some of the posts from last week and add comments.

Hats off to you!

La Nightingail said...

Alan - I think you are trying to either tease our memories or our imaginations to come up with another idea to match this week's prompt picture which you gave us 10 weeks ago in January (#604). Either way, I remembered, and I took on the challenge! Actually, there are usually several ways to meet the prompt challenges and it's fun to think of new and different ways to meet them! :)

Barbara Rogers said...

Rolling along in different ways! I am glad some of these photos at least have wheels!

Monica T. said...

Whether my great-aunt Gerda ever rode a bicycle, I don't know. In this week's post I'm speculating about other things I don't really know very much about, either!

Mike Brubaker said...

Hats. I always have photos with hats. And for this repeated theme, I have a reprise of a postcard I did many years ago. Musical of course.

smkelly8 said...

My first link is a mistake. Please use the second one.

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