Thursday, 5 December 2019

Sepia Saturday 499 : 7 December 2019

I realise we are all busy preparing for Christmas - nipping to the shops to get those last minute presents - but hopefully you will still be able to fit in a couple of pre-Christmas sepia challenges. This week our theme image celebrates that finest of Christmas traditions - shopping. All you have to do is to post a post on or around Saturday 7th December 2019 and add a link to the list below.

As usual, we will have just one theme over the Christmas and New Year period and, this year, it coincides with our 500th Sepia Saturday theme challenge. To mark the event, the theme is an open one - so you might want to look out your very favourite old photograph and share it with the rest of the Sepia community over the festive season. I will put the call for Sepia Saturday 500 up early next week. In the meantime, start shopping around for a suitable post for this week.


La Nightingail said...

Selling things is always a chancy deal - sometimes you sell well, sometimes not, but the urge to get moola for those things you no longer need or want is strong . . . till you finally learn your lesson! :)

Barbara Rogers said...

I'm off selling my pottery at the Appalachian Potters Market in Marion NC on while I am busy, here's another post about the historic Handsell/Webb house in Vienna MD.

Mike Brubaker said...

I don't know what the fellow on the left has, but it looks like a stick. So my post this weekend is about sticks. Musical of course.